What is SAF1?  This is a Fund designed to bring together two underserved constituencies. First are the millions of accredited investors who do not have the knowledge, opportunity or enough investable dollars to be active "angel" investors. Second are the many small company and real estate entrepreneurs who need sources of capital, but often cannot get it from traditional banking, finance and equity sources. 

Who should invest in SAF?  SAF is for "accredited investors" only.   An accredited investor can include a person or married couple whose net worth is at least $1 million excluding residence or has had an annual income the last two years exceeding $200,000 (single) or $300,000 (married couple), a qualified bank, savings association, investment company, insurance company, employee benefit plan (with assets exceeding $5 million), charitable organization (with assets exceeding $5 million), or a trust (with assets exceeding $5 million). For a detailed explanation, please refer to SEC Regulation D and related articles and releases at www.sec.gov. 

If you are an accredited or qualifying institutional investor and want to know more, click on the FAQ button aboveand/or click on the CONTACT button above.

In 2012 there were estimated to be up to 7.2 million "accredited investors" in the United States. Of those only about 756,000 were able to be identified as actively investing as an "angel investor" in private placement investments.  (Source: Forbes.com, March 2013) 

In March 2015 Financial Planning Magazine reported that the number of millionaires in the USA is now over 10 million. If you are one of the many accredited investors who would welcome an opportunity to participate in private investment opportunities, then we could be exactly what you are looking for!


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Disclosure:  This is not an offer to buy or sell any security. You should request the Private Placement Memorandum and also the Statement of Additional Information.  You can obtain these documents by calling Strategic Assets Group at STAAR Financial Advisors at 412-367-9076. Specify that you are requesting the Strategic Assets Fund PPM, Subscription Agreement and SAI.  Strategic Assets Fund 1, LP is an illiquid investment and it is possible you may lose all your principal if management is not successful.  You are advised to seek the opinion of your personal advisor to determine if this fund is appropriate for you.

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