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In March 2013 an article in Forbes.com titled "Angel Investors: How The Rich Invest" stated the following:  "The secret recipe for getting a good ROI is to diversify your investments into multiple startups and hedge your bet. Angel investors should look to position themselves as investors in at least 10 startups in order to play the startup game
right. However, carefully selecting your picks and knowing who you are getting into bed with, so to speak, is very important. The due diligence process should be taken very seriously before making any type of decisions.”

This is where the Strategic Assets Fund approach can offer an unusual way for accredited investors to lower risk while still seeking excellent returns. First, SAF will provide diversification into multiple opportunities in one single investment. Instead of the higher risk of picking one "deal" in hopes of a large return, SAF will provide a
diversified portfolio of multiple investments. Second, SAF will not concentrate on start-up companies; It will also seek to invest in established companies that need capital for expansion and possible sale to another company or to conduct an initial public offering (IPO). It's real estate component offers the additional intrinsic value of real property.

SAF1 offers a way to diversify without having to research, select and manage multiple private investments.  SAF1 can save you time.  And SAF1 makes tax time easier with one K-1 for multiple holdings.  And that can also save you some tax preparation costs.

IMPORTANT: Diversification only spreads out risks. It is still possible to lose money by investing in SAF.

Our goal is to provide accredited and institutional investors with an unusual diversified investment opportunity investing in private equity, mezzanine financing and real estate.


The Strategic Assets Fund 1, LP is a Delaware limited partnership that seeks to invest in a diversified portfolio of private investments for accredited and institutional investors.  The General Partner is the Strategic Assets Group, LLC, founded by W. Keith Moorhouse and J. Andre Weisbrod in Pittsburgh, PA. STAAR Financial Advisors, Inc, a Registered Investment Advisor, is the Advisor and Manager the Fund.